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Federico Sturzenegger in the XVII Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference

Federico Sturzenegger shared the closing panel of the forum at the XVII Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference with Olivier Blanchard (former director of the Research Department, International Monetary Fund), Stanley Fischer (Vice Chairman, US Federal Reserve and former governor of the Central Bank of Israel), and Kristin Forbes (member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England). The panel was moderated by Maurice Obstfeld (Economic Counsellor and Director, International Monetary Fund).

The conference “Macroeconomics after the Great Recession” was held to honor Olivier Blanchard for his contributions to economic research. Due to this reason, all the economists invited to be members of the panel have been chosen for their closeness to Blanchard’s wide academic history, especially in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Blanchard was chief economist at the IMF until last October after forging his career there for more than seven years.

For more information regarding this event, please click here.

November 4, 2016

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